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Blinds and Curtains Give your decor a new life


Sala de estar com estores de alumínio

The modern era in decorative terms dictates that spaces should be as open as possible to promote interaction and relationships between the inhabitants of the house. The combination of our blind models and custom-made curtains are perfect for this concept in your home decor. 


Because our home is where our desire, our ground and our love are, the decor must be in perfect harmony with our vibe, to make us feel at peace and in line with who we are.

Find your inspiration here to create or renovate your home decor, in a vast collection, where there is no shortage of solutions to combine the different models with each other, as well as how to frame the existing environment.

Decoration timeless and elegant

Light tones give a serene and sophisticated atmosphere, combining a roller blind fixed to the door frame with a light wooden venetian blind trimmed with a dark decorative ribbon, or a translucent roller blind with a traditional blind, makes the decoration light and at the same time very practical and functional.

Estores com fita

Renovate your home by combining different materials, colors and textures

Estores de rolo

Turn your living room into the best stage for moments of joy and conviviality

Get inspiration from our collection for your next decor  

Yes, you can mix blinds and curtains from different families! Depending on the need due to sun exposure, we can play with different models, colors and patterns, as long as the environment maintains harmony in the end. The modern decorative style is based on minimalism, and minimalism in turn, on not filling your room with unnecessary things, and only with those that fulfill their functions.

Put one vertical screen blind one big span and one roller blinds or um blinds venetian in a smaller space, this could be the right solution, or on the other hand, installing a vertical screen blind with a roller blind, could also be an excellent idea. Traditional curtains can also be combined with any of the models, to dress up the environment more or combine with some beautiful pillows.

In roller blinds, regardless of color and texture, we have different degrees of opening of the fabrics, allowing a greater or lesser view to the outside, which we can choose depending on a greater or lesser exposure to the sun, and you can also choose the screen, which has excellent longevity and is great for sanitizing.


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