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Easetep | Mosquito Nets, Roller Blinds and Vertical Blinds

This is easetep

Simple and quality customized solutions
... are easetep

We encourage the "do-it-yourself" (or diy) concept, producing solutions for different types of architecture, without the direct intervention of specialized professionals, allowing private individuals and independent professionals, to combine creative autonomy with a significant cost reduction, without neglecting the design, functionality and quality!

Opportunities not to be missed

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Shade any time of day with an EASETEP Sun Hat!
Our custom-made sunshades offer style and comfort to enjoy a good shade with the family, or in conversation with friends, a good read, a meal, or a good nap!!

The Sun Hat can be an aesthetic element that adds charm and elegance to your garden, you can choose the model, style, size or color and pattern of fabrics that are of high quality.

The Sun Hat is also a versatile option, very useful and functional, as it can be easily moved to where it is needed and/or adjusted according to the position of the sun. Don't miss out on our promotions!
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Roller blinds made to measure, for every style!
Our blinds and roller blinds are excellent technical and decorative solutions, highly appreciated in contemporary minimalist decor. We offer solutions for light entry while maintaining privacy, with translucent screens, with a perfect view to the outside with screen screens, which offer various degrees of opening, or even blackout curtains that offer total darkening, essential for a good and cozy night's sleep.
Find your inspiration here to create or renovate your home decor, in a vast collection, where there is no shortage of solutions to combine the different models with each other, as well as to fit into the existing environment.
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Shade your window or balcony with an EASETEP awning
Awnings are a practical and efficient solution for sun protection and increased comfort in outdoor areas. Made to measure with high quality materials, EASETEP awnings offer elegance and functionality!

Easy to install and handle, EASETEP awnings can be easily adjusted and retracted, according to weather conditions, also being an energy saving factor, they increase the usable spaces around the house.

The awnings are manufactured with resistant and durable materials that provide a long service life. They are also elements of refinement and decoration that add value to spaces. The drive can be cranked or motorized. Don't miss out on our promotions!
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Bites of mosquitoes and mosquitoes, never again!
Mosquito screen doors and mosquito screen windows made to measure are the most practical way to protect your family, not only from mosquitoes and mosquitoes but also from other insects and crawling animals.
We have created a collection of mosquito nets fully adaptable to your doors and windows, these are rolling mosquito nets, which can have the anti-pollen net on mosquito doors, sliding mosquito nets and fixed mosquito nets. Always lacquered in the color of their frames so that they fit perfectly into the existing façade. Don't miss out on our promotions!
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