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Bites of mosquitoes what to do to avoid


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Protect your baby

No mother should risk seeing her baby covered in insect bites, because their skin is so delicate that reactions can range from a simple pimple to a large swelling; with the itch, children can infect the pimples and even trigger allergies.

Smart solutions

Mosquito nets are an adequate safety measure to protect children not only from mosquitoes and mosquitoes but also from other insects and crawling animals.


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Thinking of you and yours

Currently, taking into account climate change and global warming, the insect problem persists practically throughout the year, although it is naturally more intense in summer.


Thinking of you and your family, we have created a collection of mosquito nets that are fully adaptable to your doors and windows. With screen in gray color, they are easy to clean, just a damp sponge with soap and water, drying afterwards with a cloth.


rede anti-polen

Anti pollen screen

Some pediatricians even recommend using mosquito nets as a safety measure to avoid night bites or the use of other chemicals, as these are capable of transmitting many different diseases, even if you sleep with the air conditioning on.


For protection, in the roll-up mosquito nets, we also provide the anti-pollen net that minimizes the situation of allergies as the entry of pollen into your home is greatly reduced.



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