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Create your Zen space to meditate or relax


espaço zen

Many people would love to have a space at home to do yoga, meditation or simply relax. Creating these moments, even for half an hour, are gains for health, balancing the spirit, mind and body.

zen 2
a spa at home

At home we can build a small SPA, and turn it into that shelter where we wish to reach the end of the day, taking a break from the stressed and hurried lifestyle of the days of today. This practice can bring great gains, through relaxation, thus obtaining more peace and clarity in the mind.

zen 3
that zen corner

That little zen corner where we can escape the stress of everyday life can be a very wise and healthy decision. With our translucent roller blinds with light colors and a minimalist look, you can make a beautiful decoration combining the green of the plants, the wood and the white and beige of the curtains.

zen 4meditate to broaden your mind

Among the mental benefits of meditation are decreased anxiety; increased emotional stability; the expansion of creativity; the increase of joy; the development of intuition through expansion of consciousness and also the sharpening of the mind and the gain of focus.


cao zen

wooden shutters

The Fen Shui philosophy helps to have a more zen home with good energy, since certain changes in colors, organization, layout and other details, it is already possible to improve the energy condition of our house, therefore of ourselves. But how to prepare and decorate that special room or bedroom, with this very special technique, adept at minimalism? Attention must be paid to details such as ventilation, natural light, artificial light, type of flooring, presence of plants, choice of essential furniture and decor that brings serenity. As natural woods from our Venetians, trimmed with decorative cotton ribbons, as well as large windows and natural light, are excellent for these good practices.

zen 6

zen 7

roll screen

Zen is a style that aims to break with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with the stress of work, traffic and other situations. Just an environment or corner of your home decorated in this style will make you disconnect from the outside and be able to relax. Therefore, good regulation of light and serenity is very important. With as our roller blinds screen it achieves this passage of light and the approximation with nature in order to provide the necessary good energy for these very important moments in our lives.</ span>

zen 8

blackout roll

Ours blackout roller blinds are also perfect for these zen spaces, creating light and practical environments, where meditating is observing and deepening thoughts and attitudes, creating a higher level of consciousness. And it is in this true sensation of well-being and relaxation, where the stress of everyday life is excluded, and that great gains are obtained related to the quality of life and health, even improving the immune system. Our home sweet home is our fortress, our haven of tranquility and peace.

zen 9**get inspired**

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