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A joy to decorate home providing comfort and well-being


decorar a casa

To provide maximum comfort and well-being, custom-made decorative blinds are excellent technical solutions adaptable to the architecture of any building.

In the countryside or in the city the decor should be warm, full of color and love

The aluminum shutters and 25 or 50 mm wood offer comfort and excellent control of light and privacy. They can be ornamented with decorative ribbon, looking to fit the environment.

Quite appreciated in contemporary minimalist decor, the roller blind are available in a wide variety of screens, screen, translucent and blackout.

In a revolutionary style of light control and privacy in one, the blinds of roller vision manufactured with an opaque fabric strip, followed by a translucent one, which roll between each other.

The vertical screens provide light control with 180º rotation. Can be applied to windows with an inclined plane.

decorar casa 2

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