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Practical Ideas For measuring blinds and mosquito nets



Renovating a house or apartment is both rewarding and challenging, and it all depends on good planning.

Even on a budget low, it is not worth getting discouraged, it is possible to make an interesting decoration, the most important thing is to bet on creativity.

Visit blogs and sites of remodeling and decoration, you will find tips and ideas that will help you to see the glass half full when it comes to your pocket and home decor.

These ideas will inspire you when you have to figure out for yourself how to decorate your home on a budget.

You can make a difference with simple but strong lighting resources, plants, rugs, curtains, blinds and colors

Choosing quality materials, and seeking specialized professional help, avoids some headaches head into the future.

Here at EASETEP we offer specialized technical support, how to measure, how to order, how to install and how to maintain the products or even parts for the replacement in case of need.

Make the best selection for your curtains, your blinds or their mosquito nets made to measure, with the models and specifications chosen by you.
In a vast selection, where there is no lack of solutions to combine the different models with each other.

We manufacture for you, and in a short time we deliver to your home.


diy 2

It's easy we help

DIY (do it yourself), nowadays it is more than a movement, it is already a style that has been gaining more and more strength. First, it's important to keep in mind that you don't need to be an expert at the task at hand. Just look for knowledge and methods in the right place, and you are in the right place. The team at EASETEP has thirty years of technical experience, manufacturing and installing.


cortinas de rolo

Choose the most suitable model

You must select the blind model and according to the environment in which it will be applied: bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom. Another very important factor is sun exposure, if the window is more exposed to the sun, you must choose a more resistant screen, or a roller blind or adjustable blind. In a kitchen or bathroom, washable screens will be the best option.


Recommendations for measuring

In each product you can find at the beginning of the page, the specific manual, on how to measure, how to install and the technical sheet. In any case, you can always, in case of doubts, contact our customer support line with the number 243309772, where we can provide all the assistance or clarification in case of doubts.

medir 2

Verify the squareness
como medir

The products can be installed inside the gap, or outside the gap. For this purpose, ideally you should make two or three measuring points to check the squareness and give the recommended gaps for each product. In decorative blinds, when installing inside the gap we will have to remove 1 cm (10 mm) in height and width, while installing outside the gap we must add 15 cm (150 mm in height) and 10 cm in width (100 mm) . You should check the instructions next to each product.

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