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Interior Blinds Creativity is the key to innovative results


Pai e Filho num ambiente confortavel

Children are the most important part of our lives. We are delighted with their progress and proud of their new skills that they develop with each passing day. Living and playing in a safe environment is essential, so that they are free to discover the world, learn to walk, run, lose their balance or even fall.

However, we have to take into account that in our home, there may be small accessories, or pieces of furniture that are potentially dangerous for our babies. That's why it's a priority for us to provide high-performance products that meet all child safety requirements in accordance with the EN 13120 standard.

choose the best option for you!

Na easetep you can find custom-made products, customized according to your instructions.

Before placing your order, please consult the instructions on how to measure, how to install and the technical data sheet of the product, to avoid errors in your order. order.

Select the model, screen and/or color, check the screen's technical sheet, select the side of the controller. Please also check if the place is frequented by children, in order to increase the child safety option.

How to make the best selection for your projects?

Don't forget: Before starting any project, start by selecting your color palette first. This will help you define the colors of the walls, furniture and blinds. You will see that this process will become much easier! Another important step is to check the level of sun exposure, which the facade is subject to, where you will place your sun protection. Then select the most suitable model, with more open or more opaque screens, or with horizontal slats or vertical screens for better regulation of light entry.

Quarto e cortinas de rolo vision

For better energy efficiency, the blind model must be carefully chosen according to the sun exposure to which it is subject. For example the template vision or the wooden venetian blinds, are excellent decorative and sun protection options, as they allow perfect regulation of light and privacy control.

cores dos estores

Get inspiration from our collection for your next decor

Yes, you can combine blinds and curtains from different families in harmony! Put a store vertical screens in a larger window it is always a good option for regulating the entry of light, also having the advantage of the screens being vertical, not accumulating dust. Roller blinds blackout, are great to make the total opacity, therefore an excellent option for a bedroom, since it completely darkens the environment, allowing a restful sleep.

Blinds translucent, with varying degrees of opacity, it has loads of color and pattern options and lets in light while maintaining complete privacy. Roller blinds screen,
are solutions intelligent to be able to enjoy the view to the outside, even with the curtains closed, as it has several degrees of opening of its screens. They are mvery practical and functional as they can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Already an os aluminium venetian blinds allows full regulation of light input, as well as privacy control. Wooden shutters are a refined option that offer a better thermal coefficient. We still have the roller blind vision, which offers a revolutionary style of light control and privacy in one, made with an opaque fabric strip followed by a translucent one that slides between each other.

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