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Installation of mosquito nets and blinds with our manuals


O what the techs say

A decorative blind can be applied to the frame, wall or ceiling.

The blinds are always delivered accompanied by the necessary accessories for its installation.

Firstly, you must make the markings with the respective leveling, in order to avoid that they are out of square.

To make the application in the frame you will need a a screwdriver, wall or ceiling application requires a drill to drill the holes.

After drilling the holes, place the plugs and then follow the instructions that are on our website next to each product.

instalar estores


Out-of-span installation

When installing outside the span, we must mark both sides, checking that the markings are level and square.

Then we drill, screw, place the supports, and finally fit the blind. If necessary, it is very easy to remove the blind.

The roller blinds are very practical and easy to install, we have a range of plain and decorative, translucent, blackout and Screen.

You should also take into account the height of the pull chain, that is, if you have to install a very high blind, you have to take into account that the chain will have to be longer.

Always check before installing make the order the measurement procedures, so there are no flaws in the installation.

Ideas That Work

instalar estores 2
blind vision applied to the frame

Perfectly framed in the frame, this blind is very harmonious, with an opaque stripe followed by a translucent one, it allows, on the one hand, a good view to the outside, and on the other privacy.

instalar estores
the application in the frame

A frame-fit installation using a screwdriver. This translucent roller blind will fit snugly against the window allowing light in while ensuring privacy.

instalar estores 1
easy removal for cleaning

It is extremely easy to remove the blind, just unclip it, clean it and put it back in place. They are simple and functional solutions, often used in modern minimalist architecture

instalar mosquiteiras

instalar mosquiteira 1

installation of horizontal mosquito net

The horizontal mosquito net can be installed using screws and dowels, or just glued with double-sided 3M tape, in case the application is on a stone threshold. It can also be done in a mixed way, with holes on top and 3M tape on the sides. Place the roller first, followed by the side guides.

afinacao e ajustes

tuning and adjustments

After installation, you should also place a silicone wire of the same color on the side guides for a perfect finish, then let it dry. Finally, you will have to adjust it, turning the little black ball to the left or to the right, to adjust the plush so that no worms pass through.

mosquiteira de enrolar

easy cleaning and maintenance

After installation, mosquito nets are easy to maintain, they can be cleaned using a cloth dampened with soap and water, they remain impeccable. They are simple and functional solutions, widely used in modern minimalist architecture that protect your health and that of your family

Fixed mosquito net

mosquiteira fixa

very practical and functional

Before placing your order, consult our instructions on how to take media, how to install and the product's technical sheet, to avoid installation errors. These mosquito nets are very easy and practical to install and remove for perfect maintenance and hygiene,


lacquered to the color of your window frames

Our lacquering services will prepare the color according to your window frames so that they are in perfect harmony with the existing facade. Sthere are simple and efficient solutions to protect your windows from insects and other crawling animals.

Mosquito net run


mosquiteira de correr
installation of sliding mosquito net

The sliding mosquito nets are designed to slide on window frames, if there is room for it. If this is not possible, an upper sliding profile of 30x30 and a lower sliding profile of 20x20 in aluminum are applied.

mosquiteiras interior ou exterior
indoor or outdoor

The application of these mosquito nets can be done indoors or outdoors, depending on what suits you best. Before ordering, consult how to take media, how to install and the technical data sheet, to avoid installation errors.

mosquiteira de correr
easy cleaning and maintenance

The sliding doors are equipped with a reinforcement bar in the middle to make them more robust and functional. in storage during winter.


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